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Importing Schedules

You can use our Event Import feature if you want to upload a full season of games & events. This can be used to import one sport or multiple sports.

Before importing your schedules, make sure you are using our Event Import Template which can be downloaded HERE.

  1. Using the Event Import Template that you previously downloaded, be sure to have all of your schedules added correctly in the labeled columns
    • REQUIRED: Opponent, Event Type, Sport, Level, Date, Time, Home/Away/Neutral
    • NOT REQUIRED: Dismissal Time, Departure Time, Alt Location, Alt Address, Alt City, Alt State, Alt Zip
  2. Save your completed template as a .csv or .xlsx file and name it
  3. Go to Schedules in your CMS and click the green “Import Events” button¬†
  4. Click the Choose File button and select the .csv or .xlsx from your computer where you saved it. Once selected, click the green Begin Import button
  5. The first thing the Importer will ask you to do is match the columns in your file to the data. Clicking edit on the first column (Opponent) will allow you to select the correct data you are importing
    • Hitting Save will accept this data and move you to the next column
    • Hitting Skip will ignore this data and move you to the next column
  6. After you’ve matched all your columns with the correct data, you will be taken through a review process. This is where the importer will review your data and make sure it’s all formatted correctly. The review process will identify bad or unmatched data such as:
    • Incorrect spellings: “Basketball” or “Varisty”
    • Sports labeled incorrectly: “Volleyball” listed but the actual name of the sport in the CMS is “Girl’s Volleyball”
    • Levels labeled incorrectly: “Junior Varsity” is listed but the actual name of the level in the CMS is “JV”
    • Event Type unable to match: Games MUST match to an opponent in our database, so if you’re playing a school then it should be labeled as Game. All other event types (Scrimmage, Tournament, etc) can be a custom title and DO NOT need to match to an opponent
    • Opponent (School) Name: If a school is listed in our database as “Jefferson Country Day”, they will not be auto matched if you have them entered as “JCD” or “Country Day”
    • Date & Time: Dates & Times will need to be correctly formatted
  7. Once the review process is complete and you’ve made all the necessary changes, you can review and edit your Schedules!
Updated on July 15, 2022

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