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Add a Manager to Team

Managers (formerly Sport Admins & Content Managers) are the users who will manage content in the REPu Platform. Manager profiles are ONLY managed in the app and not in the CMS. Below are steps on how to add a Manager to your team:

1. A User must first be a Member of the team before they can become a Manager.

2. An existing team Manager (or Admin) can go to the team’s home in the app, tap on the gear icon, tap on Team Managers, and then hit the + icon at the top right or the “Add New Team Managers” button

3. Select from the list of Members who you want to make a Manager, and then set the specific permissions you want to give your Managers.

4. Hit Save and the Manager will now have permission to Add/Edit the selected content in the App & CMS

Updated on August 9, 2023

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